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Welcome to Sports Betting

I could not believe there was no community on here for Sports Betting. Please if you stumble upon this community, invite your friends.
Interesting weekend for betting coming up. First off, the Giants. I love the -2.5 point spread. I have only had one person tell me they don't like the Giants in this game. I'm waiting to hear from ghostfaktory but he's been pretty busy lately with work and other stuff. My overall feelings on this weekend:
Carolina @ New York Giants -2.5 = Giants -2.5 HIGH CONFIDENCE
Carolina @ New York Giants o/u 43.5 = Over MODERATE CONFIDENCE
Washington @ Tampa Bay -2.5 = Washington +3 LOW CONFIDENCE
Washington @ Tampa Bay o/u 37 = Under HIGH CONFIDENCE (i see a 17-13 type game here)
Jacksonville @ New England - 7.5 = New England -7.5 MODERATE CONFIDENCE
Jacksonville @ New England o/u 37 = Over HIGH CONFIDENCE
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati +3 = Pittsburgh -3 HIGH CONFIDENCE
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati o/u 46 = Over MODERATE CONFIDENCE
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